Face packs

Facial packs can be defined as a creamy mask that is applied on the face to keep hygienic conditions without which, that would affect skin badly. Face packs clean or smooth the face and help keeping its glory and elasticity for a long period.

Generally, face packs contain minerals, vitamins and/or fruit extracts. Some of the face packs such as St. Botanica Facial Mask contain blend of potential herbs that have shown many benefits on skin cells, especially facial. Such product are said to give the nutrition to the facial skin.

Such natural face packs are to be kept for about 10-15 minute and then, they are generally followed with some cleansing and a thin layer of natural moisturizers. All natural facial masks will serve a kind of different functions; for instance, mud mask absorbs oil, hydrating mask moisturizes dry skin and perfecting mask refills the dull skin making it radiant. Facial masks are generally used by women but can also used by men. For instance, St. Botanica Day or St. Botanica Night Cream can also be used as facial packs and are used by men and women all across the world.

Face packs needs not only be detained to as winter protector – there are many face packs available on the market that can be used all the seasons. Regular usage of natural mask such as St. Botanica Face Mask help clearing up problems of the skin, revitalizing, exfoliating, toning and tightening the skin in a natural way.

Some of the other benefits of face masks are mentioned below –

• Face masks exfoliate the skin and removes dead part of the skin.
• Face masks add nutrients to the skin offering glory and elasticity.
• Minerals nurture skin cells to that they might be lacking.
• Different faces require different facial packs as per requirements. However, there are specially designed face packs such as St. Botanica Face Pack that can be used for any kind of faces.
• Application of face packs get you an instant glow and freshness to face.


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