Facelifts for wrinkle-free skin

Do you look older than you really are? If old age has started making its ugly imprints on your face, what are you waiting for? A facelift is all that you need to do. Known technically as rhytidectomy, it is a surgical method of erasing those ‘age marks’ found on both neck and face. Facelift is found to be most beneficial against old age discrepancies such as mid-face sagging, creases formed beneath the eyelids, creases that start from the side of the nose and extend to the mouth, loosened facial muscles, fatty deposits under the chin, sagged eyebrows etc.

However, you need to keep in mind that a face-lift surgery cannot alter your fundamental appearance. Neither will it check further aging. It is you yourself who should take the final decision regarding face lift surgery. The decision should not be the result of another person’s compulsion nor should it be the result of ‘idol’ aping.

Facelift surgery will be more effective on a healthy person who is not a nicotine addict. Anesthesia is administered at the initial phase of face-lift surgery. This will make the person comfortable, as surgery goes on. The procedures included in a face-lift surgery are soft tissue augmentation, resurfacing and injections. Tissue enhancement is done in order to restructure the facial anatomy. Resurfacing techniques improve the tone and texture of the sagged facial skin. Injection helps in wrinkle reduction. It is on the basis of the amount of change to be effected, that the kind of incision is decided.

A traditional facelift incision gets started from the temple hairline and extends around the ear and comes to end at the lower scalp. The neck lift incision often begins at the ear lobe and continues to the back of the ear and ends at the lower scalp. The lines of incision formed as a result of the surgery will get healed completely and will also be covered by the hairline. The natural facial curves will play as an effective camouflage to the incision marks.

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