Facial massage

There is a science behind everything especially massage. When we press or squeeze any part of our body, it increases the blood circulation to that area and that is why, the face responds especially well to touch as it is composed of small, sensitive muscles and it is very richly endowed with nerve endings. Tension and age can cause the connective tissues between the layers of the face skin and the face muscle to turn less elastic over period of time. As a result of these habitual expressions like the frown lines, fixed jaws, cracked lips and dullness in the eyes incline to become matching portion of the texture of the face.

The gentle pressure given in facial massage can help loosing up the face muscles and allow them to learn sliding back into their places more quickly after being tensed. The cumulative effects are such that with constant and regular treatment, the face will look relaxed, and therefore more vernal. Also, since the facial massage stimulates blood circulation within the face, massage receiver’s skin complexion gets toned and receives glory.

The muscles present in the human face are very delicate and therefore, facial massage can be enormously beneficial, provided, they are given appropriately and frequently. Many health experts believe that the scalp is also to be included in facial massage since nourishing scalp will also help adding beauty to the face. Facial massage is very beneficial when it is combined with taking blood purifying supplements. Herbs such as Khadir and Neem are considered to be natural blood purifiers that help giving fair complexion to the skin and also more vernal look.

A simple facial massage technique is described below:-
First, cup your hands around the head having thumbs that rest on the forehead and fingertips on the sides. You should then sooth out the forehead in strips. Start along the eyebrows and work up towards the hairline for better results.

The next step for you is to press between the eyebrows using the thumbs. Repeat this motion by moving up the center of the forehead to the hairlines. Then, massage temples with circular motions using fingers and then continue circles down along the jaw line to the chin. You should then use the fingertips and draw a line under the jugal bone and out to the sides. Repeat this taking the line lower down the cheek every time. On the cheeks also, you can have circular motion. Beware while massaging around the eyes.
It is advisable to do facial massage using some natural products such as St. Botanica Day/Night Cream. Regular usage of St. Botanica Facial Mask also nourishes the facial tissues and offers them healthy life.


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