First Month Pregnancy Symptoms

Although it’s best to know that you are pregnant at the earliest possible time, particularly because you’ll be able to nourish the baby better during this critical stage,

not knowing that you are pregnant until after eight or so weeks could strangely be a boon as you would have gotten over the first month pregnancy symptoms without even knowing what they are.

As they say, what you don’t know won’t hurt you – and this applies to women who become so traumatized with first month pregnancy symptoms. Actually, they can be tolerable if you know which things to avoid and if you learn how to condition yourself to ignore them.

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing periods during a woman’s lifetime. During this stage, a woman’s body experiences multiple changes which can be very uncomfortable, especially for those women who are carrying a child for the first time.

Many of these changes could be identified early during the first month itself through a careful observation and assistance from a physician. Some of the first month pregnancy signs and symptoms are listed below:

First month pregnancy symptoms # 1 – Missed periods: Women who normally have regular periods can easily identify this pregnancy symptom when they miss their period.

First month pregnancy symptoms # 2 – Tender, swollen breasts: This is the foremost symptom that is experienced in every pregnant woman. Although the discomfort is similar to the one observed during periods, it is a bit stronger primarily due to hormonal influx in the body. However, this symptom fades out at the end of the first pregnancy trimester.

First month pregnancy symptoms # 3 – Fatigue: Pregnant woman get exhausted and tend to collapse easily as their body undergoes stress while trying to get adjusted with the increased progesterone levels. While this symptom tends to be harsh during the initial days of pregnancy, the body gets adjusted by the second trimester.

First month pregnancy symptoms # 4 – Food cravings and aversions: A pregnant woman usually craves for certain food varieties and experiences aversions or distastefulness towards certain other foods.

First month pregnancy symptoms # 5 – Nausea or vomiting: This particular symptom is called “morning sickness”. However, this term is a misnomer as nausea and vomiting are experienced by pregnant woman at any time of the day. While certain women get this symptom very early, some might not have these symptoms till one month of their conception.

# 6 – An increased smell sensation: Due to improper hormonal levels, pregnant woman often feel uncomfortable when any pleasant smell surrounds them.

# 7 – Increased frequency of urination: An increased level of body fluid is quite a common occurrence during pregnancy, resulting in frequent urination.

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