Follow urine therapy to get rid of diseases

urinetherapy Won’t you be horrified if you are told to drink your urine to remain healthy? Won’t you be amazed to know how a toxic substance released by the body can be of any good to your health? Don’t get surprised its true.

Urine therapy helps to boost the immunity levels. More then 3 million Chinese drink their urine in a belief that it brings good health.

95 percent of urine is water, 2.5 percent urea and remaining 2.5 percent is a mixture of minerals, salts, enzymes and hormones.  It concludes that primary composition of urine is not toxic in nature.

Excess amount of urea can harm a body but when it gets into the body in small amounts it actually purifies and cleans up the extra mucus.

Urine is full of antiseptic properties and when applied externally can really make your skin glow. It is also useful in curing diseases like impotence, cancer, osteoporosis, constipation, diabetes and many more diseases. Urine is actually the best medicine produced by the body.

The baby in the womb of a mother gets rid of urine just as other persons do. The baby swallows its own urine through the amniotic fluid.

Drinking morning urine works as a tonic and is very useful in minor illness. Gargling with urine controls toothache and common cold. Urine can be used as eye and eardrops for conjunctivitis, glaucoma and ear infections.

Fresh urine can be applied as an after-shave to get a soft skin. Urine can be applied to treat any skin and nail problems. Massaging scalp and hair with urine stimulates new hair growth.

People think that urine is full of germs. Actually urine is absolutely sterile in the first 15 minutes after leaving the body. Even after that if proves beneficial for external use.

People think urine is a waste product. Actually it is a derivative of blood and it stores records of infections, diseases and allergies. If you provide this information to the immune system for the second time by consuming urine, you are actually building the self-defense.

Only those people whose bladders, kidneys and genitals are healthy should opt for internal use of urine. In case of intake of medicines, urine should be applied externally.


3 thoughts on “Follow urine therapy to get rid of diseases

  1. michele says:

    my husband is going to be treated for colon cancer starting tues august 11th with chemo. Is it ok for him to drink his urine once he starts this? Or is it ok for me to give him some of mine? we are desperate. It is stage 4 and affecting the liver. Our concern was redrinking the chemicals of chemo.

  2. maria says:

    I am currently undergoing chemo is it safe to drink my urine and how much should i drink? Please respond I am very desperated.

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