Food that calms you down

At the end of a hectic office day, we all tend to keep aside many of our household chores and include them in the ‘holiday to-do’ list. The result of this practice is that our holidays turn out to be even busier. As a solace, in the short intervals that we take in between, we turn to cookies. But, cookies will only worsen the situation. Eating sweets will surely boomerang and after the initial insulin rush, there will be a sudden fall in the level of blood sugar. This will trigger off stress hormones and will make matters worse. Alcohol is yet another wolf in the disguise of a calm sheep.

These facts should not mislead you to confer that food materials do not provide comfort. There are certain true comfort providers. Berries form an excellent example. Any type of berry is good to be eaten during times of stress. The carbs in berry get transformed to sugar in a slow pace and as a result the risk of a blood-sugar crash gets avoided. Cortisol, the stress hormone also is brought under control by vitamin C present in berries.

If in case, your tummy craves for something creamy, avocados are the best option. Apart from the fact that their cream is good for your health, the rich supply of Vitamin B in them maintains nerves and brain cells in god condition.

An ounce of mixed nuts which consist of almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts provides a good supply of various vitamins. Oranges are another source of stress release. Being an abundant supplier of Vitamin C, it lowers the cortisol hormone to a considerable extent.
A cup of decaf chai tea will do miracle on a whole evil day by changing your mood. Tender stalks of asparagus are yet another mood lighteners.

If your mind does not settle for anything less than chocolates, better opt for the darker ones, that contain seventy per cent cocoa in them.

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