Foods that boost sex drive

Through out history we find people curiously trying out different food combinations that are likely to boost sex drive. Certain food materials truly possess the power to work as brilliant aphrodisiacs.

Granola is one such example. Rich in L-Arginine, a kind of amino acid that enhances blood circulation and results in a positive erectile response, Granola is found to promote sexual function in men. A glass of red wine is also found to boost your libido. But, it is wise not to take in too much of alcohol as its excessive consumption has a negative impact on your sexual performance.

Celery is yet another that increases your sex drive. Raw celery contains androsterone, the male hormone, in abundant quantities. Androsterone acts as a pheromone that triggers off female appeal. A guy simply need to take a few bites of celery and the pheromone will soon start being released from his sweat glands. Women can also use celery as an effective sex booster food.

Bananas are ideal bedroom endurance providers. The set of B vitamins present in bananas helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. It is also believed to favour the production of sex hormones like testosterone. It is recommended to take a banana a couple of hours before sex in order to enhance your energy level.

Dark chocolate is also a mood stimulant. A recent study on women indicates that those who eat dark chocolates daily have more gratifying sex life. Chocolate has among its ingredients certain elements that are connected to relaxation, intoxication and contentment. Fresh ginger also acts as a stimulant as it increases the blood flow to the genital areas. The finger shaped asparagus also contains folate, which is found to help in the easy attainment of orgasm in both men and women. Oysters also boost up your sexual urge since they contain zinc, a mineral essential for the production of the male hormone testosterone.

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  1. Rahimuddin Khan says:

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  2. Jules Bennett says:

    Celery actually contains androstenone, which has a different structure to Androsterone and is otherwise unrelated

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