Foot care

The way one’s feet look, reflects the onlooker an idea of the manner in which one takes care of the overall body. Everybody look forward to have beautiful and healthy foot. To get beautiful skin one has to take care of the skin of the feet.
One has to regularly take care of the feet and one can soak the feet to soften the toughed dead skin. In addition, one has to scrub off the dead skins present on the feet and then moisturize the feet with some natural nourishing creams to make it soft and smooth.

Another way to foot care is to make sure that one should trim the nails straight across and never very short. Expert advice that one should not cut or dig them in their corners either as it makes you prone to have nail infection. This is because the cuticles get damage due to such cutting. Ingrown toe nails are very troublesome and really not fun. Trimming of the nails is quite easier if one does this just after finishing bathing or washing the feet.

One of the easiest ways for simple foot care tip is the mere act of walking. Walking offers the feet great exercise that proves a real long way to keep the feet healthier. One should exercise the feet and must wear comfortable shoes (neither too tight nor too loose) that allow the feet to relax and breathe comfortably. Using lukewarm water, an herbal soap or antibacterial soap will be better for foot washing. When you rinse off all the soap, one should dry thoroughly. Make sure that the gap between the toes is also cleaned well. One can do this during bathing or simply sitting down; if needed, such thing can be done with the help of long handled brush such as shower back brush.


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