Free Home Remedies for Dogs

Free home remedies for dogs tip 1 – If your dog shakes his head too often, don’t just shirk it off as a funny habit. Dogs do not shake their heads without reason.

If your dog shakes his head too often, you have every reason to suspect an infection in the ears. Vinegar diluted in an equal amount of water is a safe home remedy that can be used to remove excess debris from the ear. Put in a few drops and allow your dog to shake his head (which he will do). This will loosen the wax to a large extent. Then remove the debris with a cotton swab wrapped around your finger, pushing it as deep in the ear as you can. Repeat the process till the inside of the ear is clear.

Free home remedies for dogs tip 2 – In case your dog is suffering from the common problem of ticks bites or fleas in dogs then I suggest the following home remedy. Grind a few orange rinds to a paste and apply on fur. Keep on for, four to five hours and see the ticks and fleas vanish. Easy isn’t it? This remedy is effective in most case and is easy to make and apply. It is completely herbal and also safe for most dogs.

Free home remedies for dogs tip 3 – For a flea problem, Borax powder complements the standard Frontline and Advantage regimen without all the toxins your standard bug-man lays down. It harms fleas by poking holes in their crunchy exoskeletons. Sprinkle the stuff on your floors, then sweep or vacuum up the excess.

Free home remedies for dogs tip 4 – For dogs wounds and cuts or swellings, epsom salts are often helpful. As long as your pet will abide wet ministrations, epsom soaks and hot packs are a great adjunct to antibiotics and surgical attention. Sometimes they can even do the job on their own. See your vet first.

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* Inflammation and pain
* Any digestive problem like flatulence, indigestion, worms etc
* Nausea and vomiting

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