George Clooney to star in ‘Up in the Air’

The latest Hollywood grape vine is that George Clooney is all set to star in the big screen adaptation of Walter Kirn novel, ‘Up in the Air’. In the film directed by Jason Reitman, Clooneyplays the role of an unrepentant corporate downsizer whose life is all about collecting frequent flier miles. Franck Tabouring published the original novel forty-five years ago. Reitman, whose ‘Juno’ earned him Oscar nomination this year, has been hatching over the script of this story for the past five years. It is said that ‘Up in the Air’ got suspended in the air since Reitman was busy with the works of Juno. Apparently, the script of ‘Up in the Air’ got over only a couple of weeks back. It was then shown to George Clooney and then the words of negotiations got kicked off. Finally, Clooney is said to have given his word of approval to play the lead role of a counsellor in the film.

George Clooney is presently busy with the promotion of the Coen brothers’ Burn After Reading. ‘Up in the Air’ project is set up at the Montecito Picture Company. The film is produced by Ivan Reitman, Tom Pollock, Joe Medjuck and Jeff Clifford for Montecito and Hard C’s Daniel Dubiecki and Jason Reitman. The movie world is curious to see whether the story of a frequent flier miles addict will lure film lovers into theatres. As the film unfolds, we will find Clooney, who acts as a counsellor, helping large companies fire their executives. We have had enough of reel life sex, drug and alcohol addicts. Now, let us wait and see how good is a man who has this rare obsession over air miles. However, Clooney is a delighted man as portrayal of this strange character means he can spend hours really up in the air.


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