Gifting toddlers with Natural Toys

Parents of toddlers are sure to be amused by the wide variety of electronic toys made available. Of course, kids do rule our world but it is hard to tolerate the pandemonium created by their buzzing, ringing and beeping toys. Sometimes, we do really wish for some ‘quiet’ toys that entertain them.  Natural toys will be a wise choice to make.

Another major reason for the increased popularity of natural toys is their non-toxic nature. Intended for all age groups, the toys help to enhance the imagination level of kids. Parents appreciate them as they are devoid of annoying songs, fierce flashing lights and battery-draining motors. Most of them are made up of cardboard blocks and lightwood. Carved into shapes of different animals such as whale, starfish, lion etc and painted with rainbow colours, they are sure to amuse the kids.

Natural toys are ideal gifts for toddlers who are eager to reach out to the world by exploring things around them. They also save money as, apart from the initial cost of purchase, no additional amount need to be spent on batteries. Eco-friendly toys not only make the kids curious but also keep them engaged in fun, education, and craft departments. For example, a solar racing car, of course makes a toddler curious on how it functions. Gradually, he will come to terms with the concept of alternative technology. In his later life, when he is exposed to its scientific aspects, it will be much more easier for him to grasp the idea.

Furnished with natural substances such as beeswax and modelling clay, natural toys get their colours from vegetable-based crayons and natural watercolours. Some toys are squeezable and some others are mildly scented. It is always ensured that the scenting is done with natural essential oils. So, what are you waiting for? Let your child explore nature’s own ways of entertainment.


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