Hair tips

Diet and lifestyle are two of the major factors that determine the health of individual’s hair. Poor dietary habits, illnesses and deficiencies of any of important vitamins and minerals can affect the quality of hair and create problems such as dandruff, thinning and then graying hair, baldness, hair fall etc. For any individual, the condition of the hair reflects the complete constitution of overall body system. If the person is not healthy then the hair are also affected significantly.

Here are some of the hair tips:-

Simply apply the mixture of an egg white, 2 tsp of castor oil and a tsp of glycerin on to the scalp and hair. Rinse it after some time.

One can massage hair with lukewarm coconut oil an hour before head bath. Let it soak. Cover the head with a hot cotton cloth and wash the hair after one hour or so.

Another good remedy for hair is boiling a few hibiscus flowers in coconut oil and then filter and use. This prevents hair loss and hair thinning.

Simply using natural herbal products such as Zyx Hair Solution helps achieving good health of hair.

Hair with deep condition using curd, beer and egg white remain shiny and healthy.

One can also mix a little vinegar in lukewarm water and wash the hair with this solution. This adds bounce to dull hair.

Simply soak one tsp of fenugreek in curds and keep it overnight. Have it in the next morning puts life in lifeless hair!

Many holistic healer suggest consuming Amlaki (Ayurvedic herb) that nourishes hair root and makes hair stronger and shiner.


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