Hazards caused by sex toys

Sex aids or sex toys relate to those devices that are used for enhancing pleasure during sexual activity. They are used primarily on the genitals or around the genital area. But, some sex tools are also used in certain other parts of the body that serve as stimulants.

Those who use these tools employ them either on their own or along with their partners. On the whole, it has been found that those people who use sex aids do not use them every single time they have sex. It is not necessary that the same sex toy should be used on each instance as well.

Plastic sex toys that are bendy are made of a certain substance termed as phthalates. It is because of the presence of these phthalates that they retain their flesh-like quality. The question to ponder is whether the use of these chemicals poses any health hazard to its user.

Phthalates are actually a group of chemicals that are generally used to make plastic more softer and pliable. They are being used extensively in many a household article including lunch boxes, children’s toys, cosmetic products and of course, sex toys.

Studies on animals indicate that increased dosage of these chemicals when brought into direct contact with the body interfere adversely with hormone production. The use of these phthalates has been associated with fertility issues such as poor semen quality. Continuous use of these chemicals is likely to hinder brain development and eventually result in liver and kidney damage.

The list of sex aids is indeed endless and varied. It is a tough task to identify phthalate-laden toys. If you find a particular plastic sex toy to be too soft and pliable, it is likely to contain phthalates. Moreover, plastic sex aids that contain this harmful chemical are found to smell bad. Phthalate-clad toys are comparatively cheaper as well.

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