Health Benefits of Fresh Juice

The concept of juice has undergone tremendous change in the past one decade. Earlier, the term juice brought to our minds, sweetened fruit extracts. Now, we are familiar with juices that have been created from vegetables. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices all go into the making of mixture juices. However, all the different combinations are found to be extremely beneficial to health.

When compared to the different sodas, the level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in fresh juice is certainly higher. The sad fact is that wholesome juice is far less accessible when compared to soda-based drinks. Soda contributes to increased obesity level. Not only are they low in nutritional value, but are also high in health hazards such as sugar and flavourings. Certain ingredients present in sodas are potentially addictive as well.

The energy boost provided by the sugar present in sodas will wear off within no time. Soda will leave you more exhausted than what you felt before drinking soda. The additives found in abundance in soda will accumulate within your body system and will then be distributed throughout your body. The collection of all these rubbish will result in diminished bodily activities.

Fresh juice provides the body with all the different combinations of vitamins and minerals present in the fruits and vegetables that have gone into its making. Moreover, compared to its fruit or vegetable equivalent you are likely to get more energy out of the concentrated drink. It is advisable to try out various mixtures of herbs, fruits and vegetables rather than sticking to juice of just one fruit. Fresher the juice, higher is its nutritional value. It is extremely important that a glass of fresh juice is made part of the daily diet.

However, it should be kept in mind that unscientific packing will result in the drainage of nutrients. The mode of packing and the type of container that hold the juice plays a major role in determining its nutritional content.

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