Helpful Sunless Tanning Tips

If you are a person who simply adores sun-tanned skin but has neither time nor mind to spend hours under the hot beach sun, why not think of sunless tanning methods? But there are certain tips that should be kept in mind before getting your skin tanned artificially.

Many tend to apply the sunless tanners on shaved skin. This is
not good for your skin. Your legs should not be shaved for many hours before applying the tanner, especially if your skin is of a sensitive nature. While under the shower, exfoliate using a soft cotton wash material. It is wise to avoid nylon body scrubbers. Exfoliators with polyethylene as its base ingredient are found to be effective.

As you apply the tanner, always ensure that you are wearing a dark-coloured dress, preferably a black swimming suit. Sponge paintbrushes, available at all hardware stores, are the handiest instruments to apply the self-tanner on your back. Purchase a brush that has a maximum size of three inches and get it properly washed and air dried before use. It is better to opt for those with wooden handles. You can even experiment with a small sponge roller. In that case, it will be better to get the tanning lotion thinned by adding a little water.

Beauty experts warn against the use of sprays as it is nearly impossible to self-apply them evenly on the body. If you are not comfortable with wearing gloves while at work, ensure that your hands are washed clean after every five minutes. You can make use of a soapy nailbrush to clean your palms, fingers and nails. After applying the lotion, rub areas like knees and elbows frequently in order to bring down the effect. It is also not wise to leave alone “special” areas such as lips and nipples, as if left unattended they might form unattractive borderlines.


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