Herbal Sleep Aids

Natural sleep aids, or herbal sleep aids, are quickly becoming a popular choice for treating insomnia naturally. In more recent years, studies have shown that some herbs

and certain combinations of natural herbs can act as natural sleep aids, and can eliminate the need for taking synthetic medication, which can often come with many bothersome side effects.

With herbal sleep aids, it is possible to achieve the same calming effects you would get with prescription drugs, however, without the possibility of the harmful side effects.

If you struggle with insomnia, it is important to view insomnia herbal remedies as part of a holistic approach to treating and managing your condition. Herbal sleep aids help you sleep are only a part of the overall treatment. The use of nutrition, herbal remedies, and finding and addressing the underlying cause of the condition with your health care practitioner, will lead to better health, both physically and mentally.

· Chamomile: In its dried, powdered form, this flower not only works as a gentle sleep aid, but it can also soothe upset stomachs, nausea and general inflammation. Chamomile is effective in herbal sleep medications or in its tea form with no known side effects.

· Catnip: As a tea this is one of the Herbal sleep aids, catnip is calming and promotes better sleep. Along with treating sleeping problems, catnip (also known as catmint or catswort) is also a homeopathic for migraines, cramping and indigestion. While catnip increases menstrual bleeding in a non-dangerous way, it can be dangerous for pregnant women, as catnip has been known to have abortive effects.

· Hops: Used for years by Native Americans as Herbal sleep aids i.e. hops are an effective herbal sleep aid, anxiety treatment and mild antibiotic. Because hops belong to the same family as marijuana, they aren’t recommended for those suffering from depression. Similarly, pregnant women should also avoid hops because an estrogen-related compound it contains can complicate pregnancy.

· Jamaica dogwood: Once used as a fish tranquilizer in the Caribbean, Jamaica dogwood’s relaxing properties make it a safe, effective Herbal sleep aids and painkiller. Commonly, Jamaica dogwood is consumed in tea form. Pregnant women or those suffering from heart problems should avoid this herb.

· Jasmine: Like chamomile, jasmine (as a tea or medication additive) has calming effects that promote better sleep and treat headache pain as Herbal sleep aids. Because it is a milder herbal supplement, jasmine is especially effective for treating children’s sleeping disorders.

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