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In order to ensure that you get the highest quality herb with the best effects, one Herbal smoke shop is one of the best. The reason for this is that the herbs and herb blends they sell are guaranteed.

They are guaranteed to be 100% pure; there are no additives, preservatives, tobacco, nicotine, or illegal substances of any kind.

A variety of herbal blends is available and research is ongoing to discover more herbs and blends that would benefit their customers of Herbal smoke shop. Only the best herbs and botanicals are used in the herbal blends by Herbal smoke shop.

Let’s take a look at some of the blends available and the herbs Herbal smoke shop contain. The blends will all provide a potent and enjoyable smoke. Each blend provides a different experience and as a result, many people choose to try multiple blends till they find the one they favor most:

· Dreamsmoke is a blend of pure Wild Dagga with Scotch Broom Tops with Damiana, Avena Sativa, Valerian, and Kava-kava. It has been used for centuries by Native American for EXTREME smoking enjoyment. It is said that it still provides extreme pleasure.

· Island Smoke is a tropical blend of herbs including Poppy flower, Skullcap and Kava-kava. Scotch broom tops, and Star of Bethlehem is also in this blend. It is favored by customers of Herbal smoke shop because of its exotic aroma and enjoyable smoke.

· Mystic Spirit produces a meditative smoke that stimulates your mind. The herbs included in this blend are Wild Lettuce, Artemesia Vulgaris, Passion Vine, Scotch Broom Tops, Lavender, Sage, and Spearmint. It provides a nice, calming effect.

· The Inner Vision Blend includes the herbs Lactuca Virosa, Artemesia Vulgaris, Mexican Damiana, Sage, and Mentha. This is also a favored blend by customers of Herbal smoke shop. The reason for this is that it helps one to relax and provides a good smoke.

· The King Tut blend as you might suspect has an Egyptian flavor, a very strong Egyptian flavor. Its aroma is exotic and it is believed that this blend was discovered in the ancient pyramids.

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The Mucuna pruriense is well known for being both; as a very effective nervine-tonic and aphrodisiac, shown to increase testosterone levels.

– Mucuna can improve libido since it is best aphrodisiac agent.
– Mucuna helps the nervous system reach optimum performance
– It is many times used to increase sperm count and ovulation in women
– To increase muscle mass and strength

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Asparagus – Increase Sperm Count

Safed Musali is used for following indications

– To increase Sperm count
– Male sexual health problems
– Low libido
– It enhances sexual power
– Useful in blood glucose disorders such as diabetes

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