Herbal therapy and depression

There are approximately 17 million Americans are being affected by clinical depression every year. In fact, clinical depression that is also called as major or uni-polar depression is the most common mood disorder occurring nowadays.

It is quite obvious to experience some periodic mood swings, the symptoms of real depression have been drafted by the American Psychiatric Association in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) that says that at least five of the following eight symptoms should be seen for at least 1 month in order to confirm or to label a person undergoing clinical depression. They are mentioned below:-

1. Too much activity or total inactivity

2. Feeling worthlessness or guilt most of the time

3. Difficulty to concentrate on any subject/object

4. Apathy (lack of interest) in routine activities and/or a downfall in sexual desire

5. Overall feeling of exhausting

6. Suicidal thoughts

7. Weight loss because of poor appetite, or overeating followed by weight gain

8. Frequent insomnia (no sleep) or hypersomnia (sleeping too much)

Modern medicines have plenty of anti-depressant drugs those are an all-too-frequent schedule of remedy for depression, but are not necessarily the only option. One of the negative impacts of these drugs is there is a high chance of relapse and dependency linked with such drugs.

The world is moving now towards natural therapies and more and more people are adopting natural product to heal various health ailments. Herbal therapy and depression goes hand in hand since there are many herbal supplements that help overcoming depression. Products such as Morpheme Brahmi and Morpheme Ashwagandha are two of the potent natural anti-depressants that can help overcoming such issue.

Some of the memory boosting such as Morpheme Memocare also have soothing effects on depression since such products have ingredients that calm down the brain and restore its chemicals.


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