Herbal Treatment for Dogs

One major problem pet owners have from time to time is a behavioral one, which seems to happen at any age of the pet. As I see from my research and talking to pet owners, anything from cats spraying the furniture, to dogs being aggressive with other dogs or humans.

Be it a bird, rabbit, cat or dog, often pets are put on medications because of these problems, similar to Prozac for humans. The problem can often be not with the animal but with the owner, and there are many books on training the owner.

But you can’t solve some problems just with training techniques. If you are at your wits end, and have tried all of those self-help books with no successful conclusion to the problem, there are herbal remedies. If you’re pet is anxious, hyperactive or nervous there are different herbs for different applications to a problem or sometimes a combination of several herbs that will help.

Few herbs used as herbal treatment for dogs

ALFALFA – Herbal remedy high in nutrients, beneficial for over-acid conditions, for stomach and digestive ailments, as a blood purifier and as an appetite stimulant. Alfalfa sprouts contain phytoestrogens that help prevent osteoporosis, cancer, and heart problems.

BURDOCK – Beneficial for conditions such as arthritis, skin problems; this herbal remedy is a powerful blood cleanser; helps to promote perspiration, supports the digestive system.

CHAMOMILE – Soothing and calming herbal remedy; effective for digestive weaknesses, colic and irritable bowel conditions.

CLIVERS – Very soothing anti-inflammatory herb for the urinary system, a lymphatic stimulant. Not recommended in diabetes.

DANDELION – One of the best-known therapies as herbal treatment for dogs liver tonic herbs available, it is beneficial as a kidney tonic due to its gentle diuretic action; poor digestive disturbances and poor appetite.

DEVILS CLAW – Anti-inflammatory herbal remedy with analgesic properties for the muscular & skeletal system. Helps for arthritis and rheumatism. Also known as an effective alternative to ‘butte’ where tests have found out it is an excellent pain reliever.

HAWTHORN BERRY – A herbal heart and circulatory remedy.

MARSHMALLOW– This herbal remedy soothes the entire digestive tract, beneficial for gastric complaints as ulcers, colitis, bloat and inflammation, helpful for the urinary tract.

EYEBRIGHT – An excellent herbal treatment for dogs that helps the eyes, remedy for eye bath, and eye irritations or eye infections; internally it helps to relieve mucous conditions.

GARLIC – A natural diuretic, thins mucus in lungs and bronchial tubes, kills germs, natural antibiotic and antifungal, promotes good digestion, helps to regulate liver and gallbladder. Garlic suppresses yeast in the body.

MEADOWSWEET – This is one of the best digestive herbal remedies available. Contains anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving compounds and can ease nausea. Combines well with Marshmallow for digestive disorders. It should not be used for felines.

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