Herbs for Alzheimer’s

Herbs for Alzheimer’s no. 1 – Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) – Ginkgos have survived over millions of years because of their genetic tenacity. They are long-lived trees, remarkably resistance to disease, pests, and fires.

They also are extremely tolerant of air pollution, and are often planted in harsh city environments where most trees will not survive. The most common tree along Manhattan sidewalks is ginkgo.

Herbs for Alzheimer’s no. 2 – Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica ) – It has been used for: wound healing, better circulation, memory enhancement, cancer, vitality, general tonic, respiratory ailments, detoxifying the body, treatment of skin disorders or skin problems (such as psoriasis and eczema), revitalizing connective tissue, burn and scar treatment, clearing up skin infections, slimming and edema, arthritis, rheumatism, treatment of liver and kidneys, periodontal disease, strengthening of veins (varicose veins), blood purifier, high blood pressure, sedative, anti-stress, anti-anxiety, an aphrodisiac, immune booster, anabolic and adaptogenic etc.

Herbs for Alzheimer’s no. 3 – Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) – Carminative, diaphoretic and febrifuge. It induces a mild perspiration and makes a pleasant and cooling tea for feverish patients in cases of catarrh and influenza. To make the tea, pour 1 pint of boiling water upon 1 oz. of herb, infuse 15 minutes, and allow cooling, then strain and drinking freely. If sugar and a little lemon peel or juice be added it makes a refreshing summer drink.

Herbs for Alzheimer’s no. 4 – Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) – Propagate from cuttings of the twisted wood of non-flowering branches in early summer, or layer established branches. Rosemary can also be grown from seed. Choose a sheltered position and well-drained soil, and allow the plant lots of sun

Herbs for Alzheimer’s no. 5 – Macleaya cordata (boluohui) – Needs plenty of space to spread its plumes of tiny pink or whitish-buff flowers. The bronze lobed leaves are 8 inch wide and grey-white on the undersides. Keep well watered until established.

Herbs for Alzheimer’s no. 6 – Lycorus radiata (shisuan) – Lycorus radiata contains the alkaloids lycorine, lycoramine, lycoreine, and galanthamine. Both lycoramine and galanthamine have been shown to be reversible cholinesterase inhibitors. Lycoramine is weaker than galanthamine, but equivalent to Nivalin. Galanthamine easily crosses the blood-brain barrier. It decreases cholinesterase activity of the cerebral cortex and medulla oblongata, and at high dosage shows an anticholinesterase activity in the thalamus

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