Herbs for Arthritis

Herbs for arthritis no. 1 – Burdock root – Burdock is a root that is found in Europe in Asia. It has many medicinal qualities and has been used in many herbal remedies.

The root is sweet to the taste and has a gummy consistency. Traditionally, burdock has been used as a remedy for measles, arthritis, tonsillitis, viruses like colds, throat pain, and as a diuretic. In modern times, burdock is also used in oncology and to treat many other serious health problems.

Herbs for arthritis no. 2 – Cayenne – Cayenne has been popular for millennia as an herbal remedy for helping soothe maladies of the gastrointestinal system like pain, gas, or cramps, and problems of circulation. In the modern world, many people ingest cayenne to stimulate circulation. Others use cayenne externally to reduce irritation and soothe the pain that comes with rheumatism or arthritis.

Herbs for arthritis no 3 – Sassafras – The traditional use of sassafras tea in herbal medicine is to help the immune system recover from a bout with poison oak or sumac, especially when the leaf has been chewed and peri anal inflammation has resulted. Sassafras tea is also used to induce sweating to break a fever, and in douches to relieve inflammation caused by urinary tract infection in women.

Herbs for arthritis no. 4 – Wintergreen oil – The Gaultheria species share the common characteristic of producing oil of wintergreen, the chemical methyl salicylate, which gives plants a distinctive ‘medicinal’ smell when bruised. This oil is used in some kinds of chewing gum and candy, as an alternative to the more common peppermint and spearmint oils. It is also a potentially entertaining source of triboluminescence; when mixed with sugar and dried, it gains the tendency to build up electrical charge when ground. This effect can be observed by crushing wintergreen Life Savers candy in a dark room. Some species of birch also produce oil of wintergreen, but these deciduous trees are not called wintergreens.

Herbs for arthritis no. 5 – Alfalfa tea is commonly used as a beverage. It also has some medicinal properties. It is a diuretic and helps reduce fluid retention. It is also a source of vitamins and minerals. It is thought to be beneficial to those with arthritis. Do not take if you are pregnant due to uterine stimulant properties.

Arthritis Joint Pain Relief

Arthcare capsule is very useful in below mentioned conditions –

* Relieving arthritis and arthritic pain.
* Increases mobility instantly in muscles and joints
* Possesses anti-inflammatory action that can reduce the swelling and pain simultaneously
* Keeps you free from moderate to severe pain with regular use
* Nourishes Joint Cartilage

Anti Inflammatory

Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthcare is an anti-inflammatory herbal oil, which not only helps relieving pain but also strengthens the bone tissues. Arthcare oil also beefs up the skeletal and the neuromuscular systems, giving comfortable movements of joints and muscles with no crackling sounds. It is helpful in:

– Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Osteoarthritis
– Shoulder Pain
– Sports Injuries

Joint Pain Relie


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