Herbs for High Blood Pressure

The circulating blood within the human body exerts a force on the walls of the arteries and veins through which it travels, thus force the exerted by the blood on the walls of the veins and arteries in the body is known as blood pressure.

Herbs for high blood pressure no 1 – Garlic – Garlic is widely used around the world for its pungent flavor, as a seasoning or condiment. The flavor varies in intensity and aroma with cooking methods. It is often paired with onion, tomato, or ginger. The parchment-like skin is much like the skin of an onion, and is typically removed before using in raw or cooked form. An alternative is to cut the top off the bulb, coat cloves of garlic by dribbling olive oil (or other oil based seasoning) over them and roast them in the oven

Herbs for high blood pressure no 2 – Hawthorn – Deciduous tree dense leaved and thorny with short trunk. Commonly used for stock proof hedging. New shoots and leaves are reddish. Distinctive white blossom with strong scent and red berries (haws) later. Height 10 – 15m. Age long lived – 250 years

Herbs for high blood pressure no 3 – Ginkgo – The extract of the Ginkgo leaves contain flavonoid glycosides and terpenoids (ginkgolides, bilobalides) and have been used pharmaceutically. It has many alleged nootropic properties, and is mainly used as memory and concentration enhancer, and anti-vertigo agent. However, studies differ about its efficacy.

Herbs for high blood pressure no. 4 – Hawthorn Berry – Also known as the mayflower, hawthorn opens the coronary arteries and improves blood flow. Hawthorn berry for hypertension reduces artery hardening and strengthens heart muscle making it more effective in delivering blood to the body.

Herbs for high blood pressure no. 5 – Olive Leaf – from the olive tree native to the Mediterranean region, olive leaf extract helps in lowering blood pressure and combats arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat.

Herbs for high blood pressure no. 6 – Turmeric – In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is thought to have many medicinal properties and many in India use it as a readily available antiseptic for cuts, burns and bruises. Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine say it has fluoride which is thought to be essential for teeth. It is also used as an antibacterial agent.

Lower Blood Pressure

Dilguard is formulated from herbs that help improve circulation, strengthen heart muscles, lowering blood pressure and act as excellent heart tonics. According to Ayurveda, a holistic approach to heart health requires you to nourish the emotional heart as well as the physical heart. Dilguard also contains herbs such as Ashwagandha and Brahmi which are considered as an excellent herb to soothe away stress.

Dilguard helps reducing the high blood pressure and also useful in treating conditions like arteriosclerosis.

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Natural Remedies for Blood Pressure

Arjuna is the best herb that helps maintaining healthy heart and it also helps in relieving mental stress and nervousness.

* Lowers beta-lipoprotein lipids and the recovery of HDL components in hyperlipidemia
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