Herbs for High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a very common problem faced by people globally. Below is the List of herbs for high blood pressure

Herbs for high blood pressure no. 1 – Baical Skullcap – For centuries Baical Skullcap has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for treating “hot and damp” conditions such as dysentery and diarrhea. Native American Indians used this herb as a treatment for rabies, thus its nickname “mad dog.”

Herbs for high blood pressure no. 2 – Black Cohosh – Cimicifuga racemosa (Black cohosh, Black bugbane or Black snakeroot or Fairy candle; syn. Actaea racemosa) is a member of the family Ranunculaceae, native to eastern North America from the extreme south of Ontario south to central Georgia, and west to Missouri and Arkansas. It grows in a variety of woodland situations, and is often found in small woodland openings.

Herbs for high blood pressure no. 3 – Borage – Borage (Borago officinalis L.), also known as “starflower” is an annual herb originating in Syria, but naturalized throughout the Mediterranean region, as well as most of Europe, North Africa, and Iran. It grows to a height of 60-100 cm (2-3 feet), and is bristly-hairy all over the stems and leaves; the leaves are alternate, simple, and 5-15 cm (2-6 in) long.

Herbs for high blood pressure no. 4 – Celery – Apium graveolens is a plant species in the family Apiaceae, and yields two important vegetables known as celery and celeriac. Cultivars of the species have been used for centuries, whilst others have been domesticated only in the last 200-300 years. The petiole is the part consumed.

Herbs for high blood pressure no. 5 – Chinese Angelica – Angelica sinensis, commonly known as “dong quai” or “female ginseng” is a herb from the family Apiaceae, indigenous to China. Its drying root is commonly known in Chinese as Radix Angelicae Sinensis, or Chinese angelica (traditional Chinese: simplified Chinese: pinyin: d?nggu?) and is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat gynecological ailments, fatigue, mild anemia and high blood pressure.

Below is some more Lists of herbs for high blood pressure

1. Chrysanthemum
2. Coleus
3. Common Thistle
4. Corn
5. Crampbark
6. Dandelion
7. Epimedium
8. Garlic
9. Ginger
10. Ginkgo
11. Gotu Kola
12. Indian Snakeroot
13. Lesser Periwinkle,Linden
14. Lycium
15. Morinda
16. Motherwort
17. Mulberry
18. Oats
19. Onion
20. Passion Flower
21. Rehmannia
22. Reishi
23. Self-Heal
24. Shiitake
25. Skullcap
26. Valerian
27. Yarrow
28. Yellow Jessamine

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