Herbs for Swollen Feet

Herbs for swollen feet no. 1 – Apis – Apis is to be used as a homeopathic treatment option in those individuals afflicted with edema where there is a development of puffy swellings in the regions below the eyes or in the extremities such as the toes and the hands.

Physical symptoms may include stinging sensations and the affected area is often tender and feels tight and numb when touched.

Herbs for swollen feet no. 2 – Kali carb. – Kali carb. is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals suffering from edema where the symptoms may include the swelling of the eyelids resulting in a “bag-like” appearance around the swollen region. Other conditions and symptoms that are observed include swelling in the lower extremities, which may simple be a single swollen foot at times, the soles of the feet of the patient become very sensitive to the touch and are greatly affected during the condition.

Herbs for swollen feet no 3 – Pulsatilla – Pulsatilla is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals afflicted with edema where the symptoms may include swelling in the regions of the hands the knees and the ankles or feet, in general the swelling may affect all the areas of the extremities on the human body. Psychological symptoms often accompany these swellings; the person may suffer form a sensation of heaviness or weariness.

Herbs for swollen feet no 4 – Astragalus – Astragalus has been used as an immunity booster in China for nearly 4,000 years, according to Rob McCaleb, founder of the Herb Research Foundation in Boulder, Colo. Astragalus extracts can increase immune system efficiency by increasing immune activity. One study found that astragalus extracts could increase the impaired immune function of blood cells up to and sometimes beyond normal cell ability.

Herbs for swollen feet no 5 – Bilberry – A strong antioxidant, bilberry benefits your circulatory system, eyes, heart and brain, and helps generate overall good health, says Schechter. Bilberry fruit contains a type of flavonoid called anthocyanosides, which are responsible for increasing flexibility of capillaries and increasing blood flow.

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