Highlighting the Hair with Colors

haircolor2 It is said colors can have a magical influence on a dull life. Now-a-days while men go for coloring the hair, women go for highlighting the hair as per the latest fashion trends.

Women like to highlight their hair to give it a much needed boost and bring a little more zing in their lifestyles. Hair highlights are also an option while trying new hairstyles.

Hair highlights can sometimes be fun, and the versatility that can be achieved through different hairstyles can be accentuated through hair highlights.

Highlighting the hair depending on the short/long hair length is also an option. However, women should choose the highlighting colors carefully.

A color that is close to their natural hair color and helps in accentuating their natural look and compliment their skin tone is ideal.

There are 4 types of hair highlights namely piecing, hair painting, lowlights, and basic foils. Choosing a hair highlight depends on factors such as getting a simple look to an over the top look.

Whatever type a woman chooses, she can opt for 1 or 2 or more than 2 colors of similar tone for highlighting the hair for that distinctive look.

Hair Highlights Color Choices

While choosing the color for highlighting the hair one should keep in mind that certain colors look best on only a particular type of hair. Also, it is advisable to go for hair highlights that are a few shades lighter than the natural hair color.

Dark Highlights

Dark hair highlights are ideally suited for both sexes with dark hair such as brown, dark brown, jet-black in various shades. However, the best hair highlights for dark hair are honey brown and chestnut brown hair highlights.

Blonde Highlights

Blonde hair highlights are ideally suited for woman with dark brown hair. However, it is advisable for them to use a darker shade of blonde highlight to blend with the natural dark brown color of the hair. The hair highlights that are darker than normal hair, are considered low lighting hair highlights and low lighting hair highlights work best with light hair colors.

Combination Highlights

Some times the hair colors are so unique, that it leaves a woman in a quandary over choosing a hair highlight. If a woman has red hair, mixing one hair highlight with another to add more spunk is the best option.

Highlights such as copper, gold, and silvery brown colors are ideal as they give the red hair a subtle appearance. However, nothing can match the effect red hair highlight has on natural red hair.

Exotic/Punk Highlights

Sometimes woman choose to opt for exotic hair highlights that are uncommon to create a punk hairstyle. Punk hair highlights such as pink, blue, neon purple, green as well as two tone colors such as red and black or even the blonde and black are some of them.


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