Home Painting Techniques

Home painting demands artistic skill and its perfection is largely based on the painter’s understanding of the medium. A master-painter is one who knows to control the paint well. There are certain techniques with which excellence can be attained in home-painting. If you are taking up your home-painting all by yourself or hiring painters, these tips are sure to give a better result.

While painting is being done, always ensure that the painter do not paint out of the paint can directly. While painting, the brush is likely to gather dust and such other particles from the surface. If you dip the brush in the paint can again, the dust will be transferred into the can. This will form specks on the painting surface.

Always ensure that the painting can is not left open. If left open, the paint will be directly exposed to air and will react with it. As a result of this reaction, the paint will be made thicker and sticky. It is extremely difficult to paint using thicker paint.
The paint cans should not be used for purposes other than paint storage. In order to carry around, pour half inch of paint into a portable bucket. Half inch of paint is indeed a minimal measure and will easily be used up before it gets time to react with air. Moreover, the painting bucket will remain light and will be easy to carry. In that case, even if you accidentally spill the bucket; neither will there be any need to do much cleaning nor will there be much loss of paint. It is also advisable to cover the mouth of this painting bucket that you carry around with a light lid. Since air dries paint, never leave the paint can open. Soon after taking out the required volume of paint, the lid should be fixed firmly back on the can.


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