Home Remedies for a Steam Burn

Each and every one must have felt the pain of a burn at least once in their life. Depending upon the severity of burns they are categorized in to three categories namely first degree burns, second degree burns and third degree burns.

Burns are treated depending upon the category of the burn and the cause.

Home remedies for a steam burn tip 1 – Plantain leaves is a popular remedy for treating burns. These green weedy plants grow practically anywhere in the world with sufficient water. Just don’t confuse this plantain with the banana-like vegetable of the same name. Hit the leaf with a small hammer, enough to smash just a little bit the plant than wrap the affected area with the leaf.

Home remedies for a steam burn tip 2 – Eating papaya also forms part of burns home remedy treatment, as it contains enzymes that aid in removing dead cells from the injured area.

Home remedies for a steam burn tip 3 – If you have either a vitamin E or garlic oil capsule, puncture one and squeeze the contents directly on the burn. Buy Vitamin E Supplements here

Home remedies for a steam burn tip 4 – Toothpaste is a great ointment for burns. For skin burns apply ice cold vinegar right away for fast ease. Apply baking soda side of cool damp paper towel straight over burn area or wrap it with paper towel baking soda towards burn if burn is on finger.

Home remedies for a steam burn tip 5 – Cut some fresh aloe vera leaves and place it on the burnt body part so that the wound heals quickly. Once this happens, break a capsule of vitamin E and pour out its contents on the wound. This will prevent scarring.

Home remedies for a steam burn tip 6 – Dab on pure essential lavender oil, the pain dissipates within 10 minutes. Depending on the severity of the burn apply several times a day for a few days. it won’t leave a scar and it smells good too!,

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