Home Remedies for Athletes Feet

Athletes foot is a fungal infection on the foot, caused by fungus called dermatophytes. These fungi live on dead cells of the skin. Medical term for athlete’s foot is Tines pedis.

This infection occurs mainly between the toe fingers. It is a contagious skin infection.

Home remedies for athletes feet tip 1 – Tee Tree oil is great for curing athlete’s feet. Many of my family members have used it with success.

Home remedies for athletes feet tip 2 – Vinegar has been used as one of the home remedies for athletes foot. Saturating some cotton wool and rubbing down the feet first thing in the morning and then again last thing at night seems to do the trick

Home remedies for athletes feet tip 3 – Soak your feet in a solution of household bleach (sodium hydrochloride) for 10minutes. This is reported to be one of the most effective home remedies for athletes foot.

Home remedies for athletes feet tip 4 – Dab a cloth with a household disinfectant and rub it on the inner side of the shoes to kill any living fungus or spores.

Home remedies for athletes feet tip 5 – Grab some clean brushes. Use these to scrub the skin in your feet. This will help get rid of the flaky skin. Your dead skin will also be removed so that athletes foot will not be encouraged.

Home remedies for athletes feet tip 6 – Grapefruit seed extract – rub on feet and in between toes.

Tip 7 – Sprinkle baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda) on your feet and in between your toes before you put your socks and shoes on.

Tip 8 – Wipe your feet dry (especially between the toes) after washing them with soap and water. Then apply anti-fungal foot powder or lotion.

Tip 9 – Off with the old dead skin – Removing the dead skin from your feet is an important part of athletes foot treatment. Dead skin helps safeguard the living fungi. So, use a small brush, or even a toothbrush if that’s all you have, and thoroughly scrub your feet. Spend some time in between your toes also.

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