Home remedies for sore throat

A sore throat is usually caused as a result of swollen tonsils or some other infection in the throat.  Home remedies are found to be extremely effective in the treatment of sore throat.

Lemon juice is found to be highly soothing. Lemon and honey mix taken hot before going to bed at night is found to bring down the irritations caused by sore throat. Spraying plain lemon juice inside the throat is also found to be effective. In children, pure orange juice can be sprayed. Lemon barley is also widely used in the treatment of sore throat.

Sage gargle is an effective home treatment against sore throat. Here, a tea should be made by putting twenty-five gram of fresh sage into six hundred millilitres of water. A quarter spoon of cayenne should also be added. After letting it to be cooled, strain the tea through a fine sieve before drinking it. This tea is found to be effective in controlling sore throat.

Another home remedy for sore throat can be made by mixing whisky with warm water. This mix should first be gargled well and should then be drunk.

Glycerine and thymol mix is yet another remedial medication. This mix should be blended with warm water in the ratio 1:3. The final solution should be gargled well in order to control sore throat.

One dessert spoon of hydrogen peroxide should be poured into half a tumbler of warm water. This solution when gargled will provide immediate relief from sore throat. The soothing mucilage of fenugreek is also found to effective in checking sore throat and other respiratory irregularities such as cough.

Two spoonfuls of bruised seeds added to a cup of water should be let to simmer for ten minutes. This mix can be drunk up to thrice a day. To enhance flavour and taste, honey or lemon can be added. This drink is sure to eliminate all sore throat related troubles.

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  1. Emira says:

    i have a 2 year old daughter, and she has swollen tonsils and dry cough since three days ago,and used to have it before a lot of times.I am trying to find a home made cure or a healthier cure for her…but i do not know what…what do u think?

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