Home Remedies for Splinters

Getting a splinter can be a real thorn in your side. And unluckily, trying to remove it can often be just as troublesome. All that digging around with a needle can smart like the dickens and make mincemeat of even the toughest hide.

And besides causing pain, that tiny splinter of wood (or sliver of glass or metal) can also cause infection if it’s not removed cleanly and carefully.

Home remedies for splinters tip 1 – If there is a small piece of the splinter above the skin surface use good old regular Elmer’s glue, wait till dry and remove, the splinter should be removed painlessly along with the dried glue.

Home remedies for splinters tip 2 – Larger splinters that are sticking out of your skin are best removed by using a pair of tweezers, an antiseptic and some warm, sudsy water. To use this homemade remedy, soak the splinter in the water for several minutes. This will soften your skin up so the fragment slides out easier. Then, use the tweezers to grab the splinter and yank it out rapidly. Dab the area with an antiseptic such as rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Home remedies for splinters tip 3 – Go for a soak. If you are not more fully to splinter groups or, if they occur, a good soak can help distribute. It is recommended that the affected immersion in warm, soapy water for five to ten minutes, three or four times a day, until the factions can go.

Home remedies for splinters tip 4 – Kill those germs. Either you choose to use, make sure it is clean. It is suggested wiping your tweezers or splinter forceps with alcohol. Or you can hold it in a flame. Be sure to let the implement cool to room temperature prior to you use it.

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