Home Remedies for Urine Stains

Home remedies for urine stains tip 1 – Wash the area with your normal laundry soap or dish soap, rinse and then wash the area again with some diluted fabric softener. I have done this before and it really helps so the stain does not set in, and also freshen the area.

Home remedies for urine stains tip 2 – Sprinkle the area with baking soda when its dry. Then mix 3/4 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with 1 teaspoon dish wash detergent and sprinkle over the baking soda. Use an old brush to work the baking soda in. Let it dry and vacuum it. This will help remove the urine stains as well as smell. You can mop or wash the floors with clean water. And then mop it with bleach. This would help in elimination of any smell.

Home remedies for urine stains tip 3 – Mix together a half and half solution of white vinegar. Use this after completing the blotting and rinsing process. After applying the diluted vinegar solution, blot several more times.

Home remedies for urine stains tip 4 – To clean old or heavy stains in carpeting, consider renting an extractor or wet-vac from a local hardware store. The extracting/wet-vac machines works like a vacuum cleaner and do the best job of forcing clean water through your carpet and then forcing the dirty water back out again. When you use these machines, you should follow the instructions carefully. Note: Don’t use any chemicals with these machines – they work much more effectively with plain water.

Home remedies for urine stains tip 5 – Listerine Mouthwash – A number of people claim this helps eliminate cat urine odors when a few drops are added to your water & vinegar solution, or when mixed with a peroxide solution. It can also be mixed with just hot water and dabbed on the area. Most likely this is because of the amount of alcohol in Listerine.

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