Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

Before looking at the home remedy for yeast infection, it is important to understand this infection. The fact is that most people are afraid of suffering from infections and end up complicating things further because of their fear and discomfort.

Home remedies for yeast infections tip 1 – Eliminate all sugar in your diet. Anything you eat or drink with sugar in it has to be gone! Yeast feeds on sugar. So you need to starve the yeast. After your yeast infection is gone you should also watch how much sugar you eat or drink. Because is you never eat too much…The yeast beast will never come back.

Home remedies for yeast infections tip 2 – Honey – This is probably the stickiest and uncomfortable way of curing vaginal yeast infection, but it is said to work wonders. Take half a cup of honey into the bathroom. Pour a liberal amount of honey on all affected portions, while sitting on the toilet seat. Be seated this way for about 20 minutes. After this you can have a bath with warm water. Dry the vaginal area thoroughly using super absorbent paper. You will feel much better. Do this twice a day, morning and just before going to bed at night.

Home remedies for yeast infections tip 3 – Don’t dust. Starch is the perfect medium for growing fungus cultures, says Dr. Spence. Since most after-bath powders have a starch base, you’re encouraging an infection when you use a dusting powder. Keep powder out of your panties.

Home remedies for yeast infections tip 4 – Insert 1 to 2 tablespoons of un-pasteurized, plain yogurt into the vagina using a small spoon, spatula or vaginal cream applicator. Repeat for three to seven nights, until symptoms disappear. You can also eat a lot of yogurt. Use only plain yogurt with active cultures.

Garlic Supplements

– Destroy infection causing viruses and bacteria
– Regulation of stomach function
– Improvement of blood circulation


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