How a new father is born

Congratulations! So, you are a new dad, suddenly exposed to the new responsibilities of fatherhood. It is at the same time challenging and exciting. The list of sacrifices you will have to make (both willingly and unwillingly) for your baby is going to be endless, the first one of them being that of sleep. Your baby might not be letting you sleep properly during night. If you have rejoined office after a couple of days’ leave, you are sure to be over-strained with office work and disturbed sleep. Feel relaxed since you too might have gifted your father with such sleepless nights. Time has now taken its toll on you and your only option is to help your wife to make the child feel as comfortable as possible.

Some new dads compete with moms to be more bonded with the child. This attitude is not a healthy one and it is quite natural for infants to be attached more with their mother. It is she who breastfeeds him and enjoys more quality time with him. She is benefited with the post-partum hormones as well.

Touch is the most effective means of communication, as far as an infant is concerned. Take off your shirt and hold him close to your chest. Repeated touches of love will surely make him connect easily with you. In order to ensure eye contact, hold the baby at your chest level and look at his eyes lovingly. If you cradle the baby in your arms, your face will be at the perfect location for the child’s vision. As you cradle the baby, sing lullabies to him.

There is nothing that should to be left out as ‘only a mother can do’. Be bold and consider giving your baby a bath, taking him for a walk, or giving him water from time to time. By doing so, you not only give the tired mother a break but also create space for some bonding time with your baby.


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