How amazing are antioxidants

The use of antioxidants, as a means of skin nourishment, dates back to the times of Cleopatra who used to wash her skin with goat’s milk. Natural antioxidants are proved to have better toning effects on the skin. Many of the antioxidants are free from side effects such as inflammation and allergies. Coffee, Vitamin C, Blueberries, Grape seed Oil and Green Tea are some of the natural antioxidants that have been widely used in the making of both care and hair care products.

One of the worst enemies of the skin is ultraviolet radiation of the sun. The damages that the UV rays cause to the skin are manifold. They result in discoloration, darkening and dullness. Blotchy skin and dry patches are becoming extremely common. The use of effective natural antioxidants diffuses the consequences of sun damage. To a certain extent, the harmful effects that smoking does to the skin also get minimised by antioxidants. Antioxidants are capable of preventing further damage to the cell membrane. This means that antioxidants not only provide effective protection but also offer efficient prevention.

The use of the right antioxidants will help in restoring the damaged skin with radiance and will also give a fresh and supple look. Thus antioxidants play a prominent role in checking the harmful effects that pollution and other destructive free radicals present in the atmosphere does to our skin. These free radicals are otherwise capable of battering both the healthy cells and the collagen and elastin tissues that lie underneath. Proper use of antioxidants guards the skin from sagging, which ultimately results in wrinkled skin. Though not an absolute anti-aging panacea, anti-oxidants such as green tea creams, wine mud masks, tea tree oil, Idebenone, Vitamin C concentrated gels and lotions and serum-based formulas are found to work wonders. They not only fight aging but also help in eliminating the dark circles found under the eyes and also leaves the skin softer.


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