How can spa treatment be done at home

A good spa treatment lifts up the general aura of a person’s body, mind and soul. It makes our physical, mental and spiritual energies to flow in unison. You do not have to visit parlours every time you need a massage. You can treat yourself with a refreshing massage by enjoying the privacy of your home.

First of all, you need to select a place to lie down comfortably. A massage with natural ambience is found to be most beneficial. Your bathtub is also an ideal option. Keep all the massage tools handy. The list of massage tools include scrubs, masks, bowls to mix, small and large towels, scented candles and if needed instrumental music. Light a suitable fragrant candle in the room. Each aroma is associated with specific moods. For example, lavender induces relaxation where as jasmine arouses your mood. Rose makes you calm and cinnamon relieves exhaustion.

Massage therapy should be initiated with exfoliation. This helps in the removal of dead cells and also enhances blood circulation. Next stage is that of scrubbing. Use an appropriate scrub that suits your skin type. Be patient to wait for fifteen to twenty minutes after the scrub has been applied. Then, softly get it rubbed off from your skin. Now, it is time to take a shower. Tub bath will be the perfect choice. If you add half a cup of rose water into the bathtub, you are sure to reproduce the spa effect. After the refreshing bath, pour a few drops of essential oil into a bucket of water. Slowly pamper yourself with this water.

It is now time for oil massage. Take some oil and with medium pressure knead your body preferably with small circular strokes around the joints. Treat your abdomen also with small circular movements that start from your navel. For upper abdomen, stroke from right to left and for lower abdomen it should be from left to right. Ensure that all your kneading sequences are ended with upward strokes directed towards the heart. After that, brush your skin well with a rough cloth. After an effective brushing session, your body is ready to be masked. Apply an appropriate mask lavishly on your body and lie relaxed on a mat for fifteen minutes. As you wipe off the mask with a moist towel, you will be a different person, totally relaxed and comfortable.


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