How can you cure acne using Zinc treatment?

Zinc has been discovered to have acne curing properties. Various acne treatment creams contain zinc now a days. Young people try different types of creams to get rid of acnes, which is not apt.

Use of many creams and experimenting with your face may lead to increase in acne. You must not expose your sensitive skin to different chemicals. The skin of our face is quiet sensitive than skin on other parts of the body. Since zinc is quiet effective in curing acne, so I will advise you to use in the way suggested in the below remedy.

Take 50mg of zinc thrice daily. If you are not comfortable with the taste then you can try the capsule option zinc capsules are easily available in the market today.

Still not comfortable with the capsules then you can try it in tablet form. A tablet called Zinfet can be purchased from the market. Since the tablet has 200mg of zinc in it and you are allowed to take not more than 50 mg so you can take quarter part of the tablet.

Also single capsule has 220 mg of zinc. Take quarter portion of the powder inside the capsule. Carry the experiment for one month and you will see a noticeable difference.

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