How can you help your child participate in summer sports safely

In order to tackle the hot sun, you need to listen to what your body says. Your child should be taught how to provide himself with first aid when exhausted under hot sun. It is advisable to stop all bodily activities and take rest if you experience heat cramps.

The intensity of the workout needs to be reduced during the hot season. At increased temperature, it is natural for the body to experience difficulty to work at the same speed. You need to provide yourself with enough time to tackle the changed situation.

Normally, our body requires almost two weeks to get used to the increased temperature. After becoming heat-tolerant, our body will find it easier to manage the workout session under the hot sun.

Increased intake of nutritious fluids is all the more vital for the coping up with increased temperature level. In most cases, it is found that children get fully dehydrated by the time they start practice sessions.

Young bodies should be supplied with adequate water about two hours before the commencement the workout session.

They should also drink about eight ounces of water, about fifteen minutes before its cessation. It is also advisable to keep drinking nutritious fluids during practice sessions or during any long competition.

Children should be trained to drink water after every half an hour while under the hot sun, even if they do not feel thirsty.

It is also wise to go for light coulred loose clothes that easily absorb sweat while working out under the hot sun.

Effective sunscreen lotions should also be applied on your child’s face and body before they step out into the hot sun.

However, sweating or swimming in a pool for about half an hour will take away all the “waterproof sunscreen” that has been applied.

So, keep reapplying the lotion after every one hour. By following these steps you can easily save your child from all heat-related illnesses.

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    Outside play offers more potential hazards to your child than inside play does.

    When it comes to child summer safety, there are many areas in your own backyard that you need to child-proof before letting your barefoot little ones run amuck in the sun.

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