How chromium promotes health

Chromium is an essential micro mineral that is increasingly being used as a cosmetic material. Many dermatological studies have revealed that insulin is effective in acne treatment. Chromium is found to enhance the actions of insulin in the body. High-chromium yeast is increasingly being involved as a popular treatment against acne. Studies in rat show that additional quantities of supplemental chromium enhance the life span roughly by thirty three per cent. Again, this is also due to chromium’s capacity to increase insulin resistance. Cross-linking of body’s proteins, a process that results in aging, is also reduced by chromium.

Body builders love chromium for other reasons. The mineral facilitates muscle growth by effectively increasing lean body mass and decreasing the body fat content. Studies indicate that 200 mcg of chromium picolinate if taken daily for a continuous period of seventy-two days will result in an average gain of lean body mass of 0.54%. If 400 mcg of chromium picolinate is taken per day for the same duration of seventy-two days, it results in an average gain in lean body mass by 0.68%. This study was done on those who did not stick to regular weight-lifting exercises.

Chromium picolinate, when properly combined with isotonic exercise are sure to promote muscle growth. Chromium picolinate is also found to minimise sugar cravings by promoting the effects of insulin and normalizing blood sugar levels.

Chromium supplementation, if taken along with proper exercises, is found to reduce total serum cholesterol levels. Chromium increases the acceptance of glucose into the body’s cells and thereby promotes the production of energy. Chromium also brings down elevated blood pressure, if hypertension is resulted by the increased intake of sugar. Needless to say, it has a vital role to play in insulin metabolism as well. The usual daily prescribed dosage of the mineral is 200 – 800 mcg as chromium picolinate.

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