How dangerous are eye jewelleries

The ways of fashion can sometimes be queer. The latest of such news from the world of fashion is based on eye jewellery. Beauty experts have evolved a new technique through which a tiny platinum jewel stud can be inserted to the conjunctiva. If nose and ears can be pierced; why to leave eye alone? Jewellery that has been specially designed for the purpose gets inserted into the mucous membrane of the eye after administering an anaesthetic eye drop. The inserted jewel will have a minimal width of 3.5 mm and is available in different shapes such as heart and crescent moon. Wondering where in the world did they perform the new mode of fashion? Well, it was in The Netherlands. The Dutch pioneers of this astonishing trend claims that the technique is absolutely harmless and will not cause any side effect. It is has been disclosed that the technique, which takes fifteen minutes to be done, has been successfully done on six women and one man.

However British ophthalmic surgeons have strongly loathed the method by arguing that it can be extremely perilous and will result in bleeding. According to them such a cosmetic surgery is sure to irritate the eyes. They feel that the loose conjunctiva tissue will cause the stud to move around. Any such movement on the eye surface will result in inflammation. Bleeding is also likely to occur when the tissues get scarred. They strongly oppose the fashion trend by saying that any material, if gets inserted down the cornea is dangerous. They do not find anything wrong with jewelleries, but eye is not the right place for them.

However, an official spokesman of The Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery in Rotterdam, which has carried out the implantation, said they had a long waiting list of people who wanted to get the eye jewellery implantation done on them.


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