How dear is oats to our diet

Finding it hard to tolerate wheat stuff in your diet? Scratching your head hard to find a healthy alternative? ‘Oats’ is the answer you are searching for. It is indeed a wonder grain that belongs to Graminae family. Oats is highly appreciated by those people who are allergic to wheat. Since most of the oat products that reach us do not undergo any sort of refining process, their nutritional properties are not lost. The quality of oats grains further gets improved when they are mixed with oats bran.

Abundant in protein and minerals, oats strengthens the bones, teeth and connective tissues. Oats is an ideal energy boost cereal. Due to its easily digestible nature, oats is prescribed as a good recuperation food. It is also believed to possess powers to tone the uterus. It is because of this reason that oats get included in post-delivery diets.

Oats plays a highly effective role in checking constipation. If the condition already exists, oats helps in soothing the trouble. Extra fat gets effectively absorbed and later flushed out from the body. The absorption of carbohydrates into the blood is reduced and as a result the blood sugar levels are effectively brought down. That is how oats become an ideal food for diabetic people.

The soluble fibre present in oats helps in lowering the cholesterol level. This will promote cardiovascular health and thus positively regulates blood pressure. The most popular cooked recipes of oats are as porridge or in beard. Certain unique fatty acids and antioxidants present in oats slow down cell deterioration along with Vitamin E. In our world of fast foods, oats provide a healthy option to mothers. They can try a variety of innovative dishes using this cereal and it will take less than ten minutes to be prepared. Oats saves cooking time since it comes in a half cooked manner. Pastas, muffins and crossiants are a few of such delicious dishes that can be easily prepared with oats. Thus oats is the right meal choice for kids in our busy world.

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