How does heat rash occur

Heat rashes are a common problem that occurs in children when they are over-exposed to heat. The skin types of certain kids are extremely sensitive and they develop rashes even when overdressed in the hot season. Certain others get rashes due to sun exposure. As their body gets heated, kids are likely to sweat. When the sweat ducts get blocked, they are likely to burst.

Prickly heat is the most common kind of heat rash. It is scientifically termed as miliaria rubra. In this situation, the sweat duct becomes reddened and inflamed. As a result of such a change, the affected person experiences a ‘prickling’ sensation. Mild itching is also found in some people. The inflamed sweat ducts appear like small bumps of red shade. They are usually spotted as clusters in between creases such as neck curves and armpit. Kids who often wear hats get such kind of heat rashes on their forehead and scalp.

Miliaria Crystallina is yet another type of heat rash related disorder that is usually found in children. In this case, the blocked sweat ducts get ruptured. The sweat ducts are extremely close to the surface of the skin and does not get inflamed. Since there is no inflammation, no redness or other symptoms are manifested. This kind of heat rash usually occurs on the neck, head, upper chest and shoulders.

The most effective way to check the spread of heat rashes is to prevent the child from getting overheated. It is also important that the child is dressed according to the particular weather type. Never clad the child in winter dresses when it is hot outside. Sweat ducts can also be blocked due to excessive use of moisturisers and other oily products on the skin surface.

If you find heat rashes appearing on the body, dress the child as minimum as possible. He should be made to stay in a cooler environment. Compressing the body with a cold pack is also found to be beneficial.


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