How does sex addiction get treated

The term “sexual addiction” relates to the behaviour of a person who is abnormally obsessed with sex. Thoughts related to sex dominate all the mental activities of such a person. Naturally, he will have increased sex drive as well. This attitude makes it difficult for him to engage in healthy personal relationships. A sex addict is likely to be engaged in many sexual relationships and lands in dangerous troubles.

Sex addicts are usually found to justify their distorted viewpoints somehow. They hold others responsible for their strange behaviour and way of thought. They refuse to accept their defect and find excuses. If left untreated, sex addiction progresses into extremely vulgar activities such as exhibitionism. Apart from exposing oneself before the public, a sex addict might also make obscene phone calls to strangers. However, some sex addicts eventually end up as sex offenders who commit crimes such as molestation and other modes of sexual harassment.

Certain behaviours associated with sexual addiction include frequent self-stimulation, extra-marital affairs, anonymous sexual partners, consistent use of pornography, cyber sex, prostitution etc. However, a sex addict normally does not derive any pleasure from any of his many sexual relationships. Moreover, he does not develop any sort of emotional bond with his partners. A sex addict, in advanced stages of the disorder, is likely to lose control over his own activities.

Rarely does sex addicts admit the problem, unless he faces a terrible health crisis. However, sex addicts often end up losing their job and being arrested. Needless to say, their marriage often ends in divorce.

Treatment of sexual addiction is based on helping the person to control his addictive behaviour. The affected person is emotionally supported in order to develop a healthy sexual relationship. Individual counselling, marital therapy classes etc are all done as part of the treatment. Recovery programmes are found to be highly beneficial in curing sex addiction. They are given a better understanding regarding the dangers associated with having multiple sex partners.

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    please i just want you to help me to convberrt my sex addictoin,because it has beckome a weird to me this days and i want to live with out it any more.
    I hope you can be of help.THANKS.

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