How drinking soda results in nutritional deficiency

Those who are high in their intake of soda are found to be depriving themselves of several vital vitamins and minerals. Studies indicate that there has occurred a considerable rise in the consumption of soda among children and adolescents. They often tend to replace milk and juice, the leading nutritional sources, with soda.

The increased intake of soda is found to lead to many health hazards. The consequences of soda drinking can be paralleled with alcohol consumption. Caffeine and artificial sugar are yet other health damaging ingredients that often get added to soda-based beverages.

Drinking soda is sure to make our kids lose their appetite and the sugar content in soda suppresses their desire for other food. Loss of appetite makes kids lessen their intake of nourishing victuals such as fruits and vegetables with the result that they fall sick due to nutritional deficiencies.

Teenagers who expose themselves to frequent soda intake is likely to develop mental retardation in the long run. They are found to be more prone to develop mental distress and also tend to be hyperactive. Children who drink more than four glasses of soda a day are found to suffer from behavioral disorders before long.

Drinking soda and other liquid sugars are found to make an extremely harmful effect on our body which is indeed poisonous.

It impairs the proper functioning of both our mind and body. Studies conducted by health experts suggest that most of the kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD are actually suffering from malnutrition.

A healthy diet pattern which gives more importance to nutritious food factors and minimal importance to soda and such other sweetened beverages are sure to save our kids from many major health hazards.

Research done in this regard indicates that kids who take in more soda-based drinks are likely to skip most of their daily meals. It is thus no wonder that they easily fall sick since they are not exposed to the essential nutrient-dense foods.


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