How effective are Emergency contraceptive pills

Emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) are not regular use contraceptives. The purpose of emergency contraceptive pills is to prevent unprotected sex from resulting in pregnancy. Plan B is one such emergency contraceptive pill that is approved by FDA. Most of the emergency contraceptive pills consist of a two-dose course. The first dose should be taken with in seventy-two hours of unprotected sex. The second pill needs to be taken after twelve hours. The pill will be effective up to a period of one hundred and twenty hours.

The major advantage of ECP is certainly its ability to minimise the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Another plus point of emergency contraceptive pills is that it can be purchased well in advance and kept handy for emergency needs. Emergency pills will be extremely useful in instances such as condom breakage, late contraceptive injections, forced sex or missed oral contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptive pills are not considered by many as a preferred means of contraception because of its limited usage span. The first dose needs to be taken within one twenty hours of intercourse. The sooner they are taken, the safer you are. It is a good idea to keep a prescription ready so that you can use it during times of need.

The possible side effects of emergency contraceptive pills include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue and headache. Breast tenderness and abdominal pain are also likely in some women. However, emergency contraceptive pills remains to be the best contraceptive option after a brutal rape or other instances of forced sex. It is also recommended as a preventive measure if you happened to make love unexpectedly. If you have been late for your Depo-provera shot and had defenceless sex in between, again, an emergency contraceptive pill is your easiest solution. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before self-administering an ECP course.

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