How effective are spermicides

Spermicides are a sort of vaginal barriers that helps in checking pregnancy. The spermicides block the sperms from fertilising the eggs. If you opt spermicides as your method of contraception, then you need to make use of it every time you get engaged in sexual intercourse. Your hands should be washed clean before making the insertion. Unlike condoms, the use of spermicides does not provide any sort of protection form vaginal irritations and diseases including HIV.

Spermicides are of different kinds. The most popular forms include vaginal creams, foams, films, and suppositories. The chemical barrier formed by the spermicide kills the sperm cells or make them paralysed. In that way, the sperm is disabled from passing through the cervix for fertilisation. In most cases, they are used as an additional means of contraception, which means, they are used along with some other contraceptive measure in order to ensure maximum security.

You do not need doctor’s prescription to purchase spermicides from drug stores. Statistics show that the success rate of spermicides comes to ninety four per cent. But it should be ensured that the mentioned directions on the package are strictly followed. The effect of the spermicide will last for a maximum period of one hour. Moreover, most of the available spermicides need to be inserted fifteen minutes before the initiation of sexual intercourse. Some women are likely to be allergic to spermicides. Symptoms of such irregularities include soreness in the vagina, rashes around the vagina or smelly discharge. It is advisable for women who are allergic to nonoxynol-9 to keep away from all spermicides. Women who are engaged in frequent intercourse are likely to develop urinary tract infections as a result of using spermicides. However, douching is not safe after intercourse since it might result in pelvic inflammatory diseases. After each and every intercourse, it should be ensured that the vaginal area is cleaned well with a good soap and enough water.

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