How effective are suntan oils

Once you are out after the freezing cold there is nothing more tempting than the warm, golden rays of the sun. But it not wise to spend hours beneath the hot sun as the powerful ultra violet rays might harm your skin. Suntan is your body’s initial response to such a situation.

Suntan is that condition in which the epidermis darkens as a result of sun exposure. The ultra violet rays of the sun have the potential to increase the production of melanin and as a result, skin gets tanned. Tanning is skin’s method of blocking the UV rays from further penetration. Of course, adequate exposure to sun is indeed healthy as it helps in calcium absorption, formation of Vitamin D etc. But sun exposure should not be continued beyond half an hour. Prolonged exposure does more harm than good. It leads to wrinkles, premature ageing and dryness. It is, therefore, extremely essential to apply an effective suntan oil before sunbathing.

Homemade suntan treatment, made with various essential oils, is found to be effective. Calendula and Lavender are the major ingredients of sun tan oil. It is based on your particular skin type that the selection of oils should be made. Suntan oil meant for dry skin should contain walnut oil, avocado oil, hazelnut oil wheat germ oil and sesame oil as its main ingredients. Along with these oils, patchouli oil and calendula oil should be mixed. If you have normal kin, your suntan oil should comprise of wheat germ oil, sesame oil, walnut and hazelnut oils, lavender oil and ylang-ylang oil.

Homemade suntan oils need to be applied throughout the body at least half an hour before sunbathing. This will allow the oil to penetrate below the epidermis and will thus ensure protection from UV rays of the sun. Apart from UV protection, the oil will also make your skin soft, healthy and smooth by checking wrinkles and dry lines.


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