How effective are Thai massages

A proper treatment of massage is beneficial to all. The method of massage varies according to need. Some are done to trigger memory, some others make the skin radiant, while yet others see to it that your feet and legs get the care that they truly deserve. Thai spas are increasingly becoming more and more popular as the best choice for massage.

Of course, Thai style of massaging has certain peculiarities that are unique. These include the external application of water, salt scrubs, lubricants and certain other equipments that improve the ability of hands. However, the essential oils used by Thai aroma therapist do not differ much from that of an ordinary masseur. The massage oils are all natural extracts and are sure to enhance the general aura of the customer. Distinct fragrances are used for purposes such as relaxing, calming down nerves, restoring energy etc. The clients just have to make clear their definite intention behind the massage and the therapist will apply the remedial oil. In some cases, several oils are mixed together in order to attain the required purpose.

Thai foot spas are also becoming equally popular. In some cases, parlours are meant for foot massage alone, but, mostly, foot massages are also offered at the aromatherapy Thai outlets. Traditional Thai massage takes care of legs, lower thighs, hands and forearms. Usually, the oil gets kneaded at reflex points, but in some cases a small wooden stick is also used. Pressure is applied exactly at the nerve endings below the feet. Thai masseur is well aware of how each systems of the body are linked with different foot points. For example tender force applied on the second tow will stimulate the respiratory nerves, especially that of the lungs and the bronchi. Similarly, each vital organ has a foot connection, according to Thai massage therapy. Legs, the pillars on which our body is erected, are lavished with utmost care and attention by Thai masseurs.


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