How good are facial masks

Facial masks form an important part of skin care. It is advisable for women of all skin types to use an effective facial mask at least once a week. Facial masks are found to be beneficial in providing moisture to the skin. It also offers relief from skin disorders.

A good facial mask session is sure to be soothing and refreshing. Often, facial mask session serves as an effective stress reliever.

In general terms, a facial mask can be defined as a substance that is applied to the face. The way facemasks are applied on the face can be compared to the smearing done on cream.

Facemasks should be thick in constitution and should have the texture of clay. Most of the popular facemasks contain clay or gel as its base. This ensures that the mask is kept in place after proper application.

Facemasks are generally harmless to all skin types. However, extreme caution should be taken in the selection of facemask if your skin is extremely sensitive.

While applying, it should be ensured that the mask covers the entire facial skin. It should be allowed to remain ion the skin for about twenty minutes. It is advisable to wash away the mask in clean water. Most facial masks contain both moisturizing and cleansing agents, the proportion of which is largely based on the particular skin type.

The major function of facemask is to open all the clogged pores of the face and clean them from within. Effective facemasks easily remove the oil and dirt buildup from the skin pores.
Many masks help in reducing acnes and pimples.

Another useful aspect of using facemasks is that it helps in sloughing off dead skin. As the masks gets removed, the top layer of glow less dead skin gives way to tender and healthier cells full of luster. Thus, the freshly exposed skin is brighter and tighter free from all those fragile wrinkle marks.


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