How good is apricot oil to skin

apricotoildforskin In spite of its nutty odour, apricot oil is known for its role in cosmetic enhancement techniques. This colourless oil is found to be the most preferred oil of many a dry-skinned woman.

Apricot oil is found to have the potential to penetrated deep into the skin layers. It effectively brings in the much desired glossy look to the skin. It not only provides comfort to the sensitive skin but also moisturises it. Thus, it is ideal for all skin types.

Apricot oil is rich in essential fatty acids. It contains up to thirty four percent of linoleic acid up to seventy four percent of oleic acid and less than seven percent of palmitic acid. Apricot oil has exceptionally high level of Vitamin E in it. Vitamin A is also present in this natural oil.

Apricot oil, when mixed well with wheat gram oil is found to be extremely effective in the treatment of rough skin. This mixture also helps in skin rejuvenation and thereby prevents aging.

Most of the massage oils contain apricot oil as its base. Such massage oils, when applied on the skin surface, make it glow with radiance. Apricot oil is also widely employed in the commercial production of cosmetic items such as body lotions, facial creams, moisturising balms and cleansing scrubs.

Chinese medicines exploit the medicinal potential of apricot oil and use it in the treatment of tumours.

Though it forms part of almost all the massage oils, apricot oil is most suited for dry and sensitive skinned people. It provides soothing nourishment to the skin by naturally re-vitalising it.

It also saves prevents skin inflammation by protecting it from all sorts of irritants. After talking a little apricot oil on the finger tips, it can be effectively applied all over by gentle palm strokes.

However, it is advisable to consult an expert before administering apricot oil all over the body.


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