How good is Talk therapy

Talk therapy simply means talking about your botheration. The people at the receiving end can be a friend, a relative or even a therapist. Here, you are talking about your pestering issues with a view to spot the real cause of your life’s problems. It is ideal to practise the therapy with a person whose attitude to life is different from that of yours. In that case, it will be easier to identify the problems that you feel will disrupt your life. The solutions that evolve from such a conversation will also be natural and spontaneous. An effective talk therapy session is one after which the discussed problem does not over power you again.

Talk therapy usually is of three types, namely cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal. All of these are equally helpful as stress relievers. Cognitive therapy is effective if the error is with your perception. If you have a tendency to conceive things wrongly, cognitive talk therapy helps you in getting a brighter outlook to life in general. Through this method you find positive reasons to a particular situation that would otherwise result in your discomfort.

In behavioural talk therapy, the alternation is made in your harmful ways of acting. Here, the therapist spots a particular behaviour of yours as the cause of your trouble. Then, solutions are sorted out to help you face the trouble effectively.

Through Interpersonal therapy, you are actually learning to relate better with your fellow beings. You learn to consider their point of view as well. Here, you understand how to express your views without hurting others. New ways of conversation can be discussed and practised.

Talk therapy is never a difficult process. It should be seen a mode of sharing your inner feelings. The mere act of talking itself will reduce the intensity of your problems. Talk therapy actually helps you in regaining the lost control of life. It enables you to live your life to the fullest.


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